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About This Game

Impossible Boss is a 1 on 1 raid game with control of a player. The point of this game is to attack a boss and chip away at its stamina.

It has the high-level of difficult so also require the practiced controll.

One mistake can make you die at once.

You need to pay lots of patience and time for this.

Sure, you never gonna be able to hurry up.

You should observe the bosses' the timing, the move, the gesture from their attack to be over this game.

You can play the trial-version of this.

When you clear this, you can get the code.

We serve the single-mode yet.

After stabilizing, We can offer the multi-mode.

For the last time, We will update this game more difficult as the number of people who getting the code is higher.

1.Skill Description

link: http://blog.naver.com/choms95/220722303812

2.Buff effect Description

Heal Buff

Prompt recovery

HP + 400

MP + 50

Attack Buff

Damage +30

Duration : 20Sec

E Button buff can be nested


Boss Hp - 1000

Power Shield Buff


Duration : 12Sec

Death Buff

50% / 50% Full Recovery or Die

Full Recovery or Die

Aura Buff

Boss Hp - 40 per Second

Speed Buff

Speed + 2.5

Duration : 15Sec

All buff disappears after 30 seconds and Re-created in 90 seconds

3.Stat Description

The knife shape damage gauntlet shows power and the arrow agility angel means intelligence.

4 powers lead to +1 of health recovery, 1 agility leads to +3 of damage, and 5 intelligences

lead to +1 of horsepower. When the character's attack reaches the boss, the gage rises and

when the gage is full the stat automatically rises. The gage rises quicker upon attack order.

When you fill the gage +2 powers, +3 agilities, and +1 intelligence rises. The maximum health

is *100 power and the maximum mana is *20 intelligence


You can get the details - like keypads, explanation for skills and so on - from this blog, http://blog.naver.com/choms95

You can download demo version

Published Jun 09, 2016
StatusIn development
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Korean
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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